The characteristics of the Base-Basalt unconformity in the Gåseland/Milne Land region of East Greenland

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This work was undertaken whilst Tim was employed at CASP, as part of the Greenland-Norway Project 2009-2011. This work has shown beyond reasonable doubt that much of East Greenland was a high elevated plateau over an extensive area, and provided real base-level constrains on the elevation of the margin in the Early Eocene. It has had important implications for the geodynamic evolution of the region, particularly, the exhumation/uplift history. It provided irrefutable evidence that many of the published Cenozoic reconstructions of this margin are incorrect, and will lead to a fresh appraisal of the thermal-history data. It also has important implications for the supply of sediment from this margin to the Norway-Greenland rift and is key to understanding sediment dispersal patterns in Mid-Norway.

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